Business-grade IT solutions

Cloudulous is a specialist IT services company dedicated to delivering business-grade, SLA-backed SaaS and web hosting solutions. We provide both outsourced and in-house IT maintenance and support, alongside expert networking design, build, and maintenance services for medium corporate to large-scale commercial clients. 

Web & SaaS hosting: AWS, GCP & Azure

Harness the power of AWS, Google Cloud, and MS Azure with our SLA-backed hosting solutions. Reliable, scalable, and secure hosting & development for your web and SaaS needs.

We design, install & maintain IT networks

From initial planning to seamless execution and ongoing support, Cloudulous ensures your IT networks are robust, secure, efficient, and highly reliable, meeting all your business needs.

SLA Support for your IT infrastructure

Ensure maximum uptime and reliability with Cloudulous's SLA-backed support. We provide comprehensive maintenance and rapid response for all your IT infrastructure needs.

IT services to support your business growth

We offer a suite of IT services tailored to enhance your business growth. From efficient document management and secure intranet setups to seamless staff IT management & robust security measures, we ensure your operations are smooth.

Document Management

Streamline your document workflows with efficient and secure document management solutions.

Security & Compliance

Comprehensive security measures and compliance support to protect your data and meet industry regulations.

Intranet Setup & maintenance

Foster better internal communication and external collaboration with a purpose-built intranet. We can help you design and build your own portal from scratch

Staff Onboarding & Offboarding

Simplify the process of integrating new employees and securely managing departures with our comprehensive onboarding and offboarding services.

Percentage metrics speak louder than words


99.9% uptime guarantee for web and app hosting.


95% of issues resolved on the first contact.


95% of issues resolved on the first contact.


Zero major security incidents in the past 12 months.

Monthly Office365 support plans

Our Office 365 support services help you maximise productivity and collaboration with seamless setup, user training, and ongoing management. We ensure your Office 365 environment is optimised for performance and security, providing responsive assistance for email, SharePoint, and MS Teams. Focus on your business while we handle the rest.

Standard (150 mins per month)


  • Email Support: Assistance with email configuration, troubleshooting, and management
  • Basic Security Configuration: Initial setup of security settings and ongoing monitoring
  • Software Updates: Regular updates and patches for Office 365 applications.
  • File Storage and Sharing: Setup and support for OneDrive and SharePoint for basic file management and collaboration.
Most Popular
Pro (300 mins per month)


  • All Basic Plan Features: Includes everything in the Basic Plan.
  • Advanced Security Configuration: Enhanced security measures including multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention.
  • Teams Integration: Setup and support for Microsoft Teams, including channels, meetings, and collaboration tools.
  • SharePoint Configuration: Advanced configuration and management of SharePoint sites.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regular performance checks and optimisations.
  • Priority Support: Faster response times and priority in the support queue.
Enterprise (600 mins per month)


  • All Standard Plan Features: Includes everything in the Standard Plan.
  • Customised Training Sessions: Tailored training for your team on Office 365 tools and best practices.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated contact for all your Office 365 needs.
  • Compliance and Governance: Support with compliance requirements and setting up governance policies.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Detailed usage reports and analytics to help optimise your Office 365 usage.
  • Full Backup and Recovery: Comprehensive backup solutions and recovery plans for Office 365 data.
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock support to ensure your business operations run smoothly at all times.


Yes, we provide comprehensive document management solutions that include secure cloud storage, automated workflows, version control, and advanced search capabilities to streamline document handling and improve productivity.

Yes, we design and implement customised intranet solutions using platforms like SharePoint. Our services include site architecture planning, content migration, user permissions setup, and integration with existing enterprise systems to enhance internal communication and collaboration

Our onboarding and offboarding services include automated user account provisioning and de-provisioning, role-based access control, security policy enforcement, and comprehensive training programs to ensure seamless transitions and data integrity

Our security and compliance services encompass multi-layered security frameworks, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, and regular security audits. We also ensure compliance with industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001, providing detailed compliance reports and risk assessments.

Yes, we offer scalable IT solutions that include cloud infrastructure services on platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our solutions support dynamic scaling of resources to meet growing business needs, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

]Our average response time for support requests is under 15 minutes. We utilize advanced ticketing systems and monitoring tools to ensure rapid issue identification and resolution.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime through redundant systems, proactive monitoring, and failover mechanisms. Our infrastructure is designed for high availability, with regular maintenance and updates to prevent downtime.

We maintain a customer satisfaction rate of 98%, achieved through consistent delivery of high-quality services, personalized support, and proactive communication.

We provide comprehensive Office 365 support including initial setup, user training, advanced configurations, ongoing management, and troubleshooting. Our services ensure optimal use of Office 365 tools, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Yes, we assist with Microsoft Teams integration by configuring channels, setting up meetings and live events, managing user roles and permissions, and integrating with other Office 365 applications to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration.

Yes, our SharePoint configuration services include site collection setup, custom workflow creation, metadata and taxonomy management, and integration with third-party applications to optimize document management and team collaboration.

We offer advanced data recovery solutions including automated backups, disaster recovery planning, and rapid data restoration services. Our capabilities ensure minimal data loss and quick recovery in case of hardware failure, cyber-attacks, or other data loss events.

Yes, we offer round-the-clock IT support through our dedicated helpdesk and remote monitoring services. Our team is available 24/7 to address urgent issues and ensure continuous business operations.

We offer tailored training programs for Office 365 users, covering everything from basic usage to advanced features. Our training includes hands-on workshops, webinars, and customized training materials to ensure users maximize the productivity tools available.

Yes, we help establish and manage compliance and governance policies for Office 365, including data retention policies, eDiscovery, legal holds, and audit logging. Our services ensure your organization meets regulatory requirements and maintains data integrity.

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